People don’t buy data center services the same way that they used to.

    Mid-market and enterprise decision-makers now navigate the buyer’s journey in very different ways than they did even as recently as five years ago.

    With all the upfront research going on through search engines, social media, and mobile devices, as much as 70% of the decision-making process is usually over before you even enter into the conversation. That’s a lot of their mind already being made up and tough to overcome.

    This can be a huge challenge, but it’s also an enormous opportunity for data center sales professionals who can get found early and earn a seat at the table in the right context as trusted advisors and industry experts.

    During this Q&A webinar on Data Center Lead Generation for Larger Sales, you’ll learn how to

    • Get to decision-makers in mid-market and enterprise customers
    • Differentiate from the competition
    • Attract more of the right net-new prospects into your sales funnel
    • Convert more of those prospects into highly qualified leads
    • Nurture and educate -- to build trust with -- those leads into high-margin sales opportunities
    • Close more opportunities into new customers at a faster rate
    • And much more!

    Featured Presenter 


    Joshua Feinberg, Revenue Growth Strategist for SP Home Run

    Joshua helps data center providers grow their leads, client base, revenue, and profitability. As a HubSpot Certified Partner, former Microsoft content provider, and IBM sales rep with over two decades in technology marketing and sales enablement, Joshua helps clients differentiate, get found early on in the sales cycle, achieve trusted advisor status, and command premium pricing power to drive sustained, profitable, revenue growth. 

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