5 Ways to Keep More Data Center Leads In Your Sales Funnel

5 Ways to Keep More Data Center Leads In Your Sales Funnel

Regardless of whether your company invests in business development reps (BDRs), inbound marketing, or other forms of lead generation, lead gen done right requires significant investment. So with that in mind, it’s really important to make the most of the data center leads that you do have.

In this post, we’ll look at five ways to keep more of your data center leads in your funnel:

  1. Set SMART goals -- A SMART goal is specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound. This is super-important to keep your lead generation and sales cycle acceleration grounded in the right priorities.

  2. Develop buyer personas for your most important kinds of ideal clients -- A buyer persona is a semi-fictional representation of one of your ideal clients based on actual research and some educated speculation. It is the key to relevance, remarkable content, and being able to scale in the right direction with everything that you do going forward.

  3. Map out the buyer's journey for your most important buyer personas -- The buyer's journey is the active research process someone goes through in between when that person first starts looking for a solution to their problem and when that person ultimately makes a purchase.

  4. Focus all of your content creation on your most important buyer personas and each stage of the buyer's journey -- To deliver Amazon-like personalization, be sure to invest in content creation and segmentation for your core buyer personas and three stages of the buyer's journey: Awareness, Consideration, and Decision.

  5. Keep revenue growth top of mind -- Make sure that your marketing software is integrated with your CRM (customer relationship management) software or e-commerce software so you can pinpoint which marketing campaigns bring your best clients. This key idea is known as closed-loop reporting.

In a digital-first world, with the modern buyer's journey, 70% or more of decision-making is now happening before prospects are willing to speak with someone in a sales role. This is a huge challenge, but also a huge opportunity for companies in the data center industry that know how to get found by the right people, in the right places, at the right time, and most of all: in the right context -- to be seen subject matter experts and trusted advisors.

What strategies and tactics does your company use to keep more of your data center leads into your sales funnel? Let us know in the Comments box.

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