Mission and Audience

The Data Center Sales & Marketing Podcast is where sales, marketing, channel, business development, and product directors learn how to generate more high-quality leads, build brand awareness, differentiate from the crowd, create new sales opportunities, and accelerate the sales cycle. Plus expand to new markets, improve competitive positioning, and grow revenue. In the data center, cloud services, and mission critical industries.

Episode Length

Interview length varies depending on the flow of questions and the guest’s available time. We plan on interviews running about 15 minutes, but we’ve had excellent interviews that are both a little shorter and some that are considerably longer.

We allow 30 minutes on the schedule so there’s ample time to get acquainted, answer any last minute questions, do a sound/video check -- and after recording: go over any follow-up questions.

Examples of Typical Questions Asked

  1. Can you give our listeners/viewers a quick overview of what your company does?
  2. And how does your team/department fit into that?
  3. And what’s your role on your team? How’s your team built?
  4. What’s a typical day like?
  5. What kinds of internal and external stakeholders do you work with most closely?
  6. How did you end up in your current role?
  7. How do you and your team keep your skills sharp?
  8. What do you find most challenging?
  9. What companies and leaders do you admire most in the data center industry?
  10. On the flip side: What do you see competitors do -- without naming names please -- that just makes you cringe?
  11. Where do you see the industry headed in the next 12 months?
  12. What’s on your front burner now?
  13. What’s your biggest goal that gets your highest priority?
  14. What advice would you give to someone new to the industry -- perhaps a student who’s in school now -- looking to get into a team/department like yours?

Where the Podcast Appears

The Data Center Sales & Marketing Podcast resides primarily at www.dcsmi.com/podcast

(This is the best place to see examples of previous episodes.)

(Since this podcast is very new, you may also want to see one or both of the podcasts that the Data Center Sales & Marketing Podcast is replacing. See ColoCast Podcast or Selling to Data Centers Podcast.)

Episodes are also posted to

  • iTunes
  • Stitcher
  • Google Play Music
  • YouTube (When recorded in video format)
  • Company and staff social media profiles

In addition to initial social media announcements, the topics covered within episodes also run as social media status updates in the weeks and months following release -- often resulting in significant social media sharing among followers and connections.

Although it's certainly not required, it's very much appreciated when podcast guests link to and share the episode URL following release with their own blog/email subscribers and social media followers. Based on the topics discussed in this podcast, companies are welcome to

  • Link to the episode from their company newsroom (media coverage)
  • Link to the episode from the sales and marketing jobs category on the careers section of their websites (Many find the podcast episode to be a great showpiece for sales and marketing thought leadership -- and help to show candidates why your organization is so special.)

Recent Episodes

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How Episodes are Recorded

The Data Center Sales & Marketing Podcast is recorded using GoToMeeting.

Just as one would when hosting a webinar, before the episode recording reboot your computer to clear up resources, shut down any extraneous apps/windows -- especially those with notifications, and minimize background noise in the room. And keep a bottle of water handy for yourself (out of sight of your webcam).

For best audio, an external microphone is strongly recommended -- as opposed to the microphone built into your laptop.

If the episode will be recorded in video format, ensure that the room has lighting that’s comparable to what you’d want for an informal video shoot, that glare is minimized, and the background behind you is neutral, not distracting, and not showing an angle of your office that shouldn’t be shown.

When you sign into GoToMeeting, make sure that you confirm or edit how your name is displayed. (From the main GoToMeeting menu, select "Edit Your Name and Email." Don't worry. Only your Name will be displayed, not your email address.)

Also near the top of the GoToMeeting software, there are toggle on/off (mute) buttons for audio (looks like a microphone), screen sharing (generally we wouldn't screen share during a podcast), and webcam (looks like a camera).

On the webcam tab, you'll also likely see an option for 4:3 Normal and 16:9 Widescreen. If your webcam supports it and your bandwidth allows, please enable 16:9 Widescreen.

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