When selling mid-market and enterprise technology, your sales team generally needs to have a defined sales process and playbook for engaging the right stakeholders during what can often be a lengthy sales cycle.

With the right sales enablement strategy and tools, your sales team can navigate the sales process more effectively and with higher velocity. 

So what are the key steps you need to take to build out your sales enablement strategy?

  1. Define your ideal client profile (ICP).
  2. Create your buyer personas.
  3. Determine the job to be done that your sales team is solving for (Jobs Theory).
  4. Set SMART goals.
  5. Audit existing sales content, especially gaps in the consideration and decision stages of the buyer's journey.
  6. Determine where the most significant drop-offs are happening during which deal stages.
  7. Determine the most common questions sales reps are asked all of the time.
  8. Shadow sales reps on sales calls and/or listen to/watch sales recordings.
  9. Build a content strategy to address gaps.
  10. Create content assets to fill gaps.
  11. Build email templates and sequences.
  12. Train the sales team on how to use new templates, sequences, and other content assets.
  13. Measure what's working vs. what's not to optimize sales enablement performance.

As a digital strategist and sales enablement consultant for small business CEOs and CROs/VP's of sales, I've been building and optimizing full-funnel sales enablement campaigns since 2013.  And I am 31x certified by HubSpot Academy, including in Sales Enablement, Sales Management, Inbound Sales, and Frictionless Sales.

I’m a former Microsoft Corporation content provider for and an advisor to the Small Business Server (SBS) product teams and small business channel partner teams in Redmond, Washington. I’ve led marketing and sales enablement for a venture-based B2B SaaS company that’s applying AI in the accounting and enterprise finance space.

I began my career selling higher education PC hardware and software solutions for IBM Academic Information Systems (ACIS).


Which sales enablement strategies has your team found most successful? Let me know in the comments.

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