Chances are, you watch a fair amount of online video. Because of this, perhaps you even consider yourself a video marketing aficionado. 

But consuming and critiquing video marketing campaigns is quite different from creating video content that solves meaningful business problems. 

With that in mind, consider these three video marketing tips that are especially relevant for tech startups:

Perfectionism Isn’t a Measurable Goal ⇒ Ship Fast

Before the pandemic, many of the small business clients I work with would insist on hiring professional videographers for everything. 

Aside from driving up costs to a level for producing video regularly became cost-prohibitive, the lead time/timelines would often drag a single video out for several weeks (or months). By the time the video was uploaded, needs had changed. 

But it was so painful and expensive that video sits under "museum glass" (untouched), and the company stops creating video content. 

In today's environment, most smartphones, tablets, and external webcams should be the starting point. Budget a modest amount at the outset for a better microphone and some external lighting. 

But the name of the game with video content is ship fast. And let your audience and metrics judge the success.

Keep Your Strategy Front and Center

Just like any content marketing asset, the plan for every video should be tied to:

  • A specific buyer persona
  • A particular stage of the buyer's journey (awareness, consideration, or decision)
  • A call to action/CTA conversion goal (In other words, what do you want the viewer to do next after watching the video.)

Budget Time and Money for Promotion Following Launch

All too often, people put all of their effort, time, and budget into the planning, shooting, and post-production of the video. 

However, if the tree falls and no one hears it fall, did it really fall? 


If you create a great video, but none of the right people actually view the video, did you really make content marketing progress? Instead, always think about how you'll promote the video initially and on an ongoing basis. For example, on website pages, blog posts, email marketing, social posts, paid social, and paid search.


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