Do you work at a B2B SaaS or IT services company? If so, consider these five revenue marketing best practices:

  1. Develop superior customer insight -- In the hypercompetitive world that we live in, where digital transformation and great customer experience is now merely the price of entry, take the time to really understand your buyer personas, ideal client profile, jobs to be done, and their buyer's journey.
  2. Segment your leads by buyer persona and lifecycle stage -- Winning the battle for mindshare and trust as a brand starts way before the point of purchase. To deliver a more personalized experience, make sure you segment and personalize your approach for both (a) who they are and (b) where they are in their buyer's journey.
  3. Invest in creating world-class thought leadership content as if your company's survival depends on it -- Traditional marketing teams are being transformed into media companies for their niches. If you care about developing a valuable, trusted advisor relationship with your future clients, be prepared to start creating remarkable content early, even before purchasing preferences are being formed.
  4. Align across marketing, sales, and customer success -- Make sure your prospects and customers never have to repeat themselves to different members of your team. Smooth handoffs are a must to eliminate the friction that can interfere with revenue marketing.
  5. Allocate significant resources to post-purchase -- For any company that thrives on recurring revenue, the real opportunity and challenge starts -- not ends -- when the deal gets marked closed-won. Your clients will judge your company on the value it receives from your onboarding, customer marketing, the voice of the customer insights, customer success, and similar efforts. If you really want to see your clients become so delighted that they become promoters and keep your revenue marketing flywheel spinning ever faster, take the time to learn what your clients really want -- and move mountains to give that to them.


Do you work at a B2B SaaS or IT services company? What revenue marketing strategies have you found most effective? Let me know in the comments below.


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