When it comes to having a steady flow of clients, most companies are only putting their pinky toe in the pool, too timid to jump in.Best Ways for Data Centers to Gain Steady Clients

Most data centers typically invest 1%-2% in annual revenue and growth. The data center providers knocking this out of the park typically invest 10% or more of their projected annual revenue. Additionally, they are investing across the board in marketing, content, product, and sales, supporting a much more rapid growth funnel.

A couple of metrics to pay attention to are:

  • The lifetime value (LTV) of what a client is worth—goes hand-in-hand with product market fit
  • The benchmark of where you are with your current client cost of acquisition (COCA)

Sales Has Changed

Warren Buffett talks about how someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree long ago. Alternatively, if you like poets, Maya Angelou says, “All great achievements take time.”

Recognize traditional marketing and sales playbooks have been severely disrupted in the last 3-5 years because of mobile, search, social, and cloud.

Be sure to promote and distribute your content where your buyer personas already hang out and make sure you are positioning yourself as a subject matter expert rather than a salesperson.

Trusted Advisor Status

Becoming a trusted advisor involves incorporating thought-leadership content and strategies like:

  • Blogging
  • Speaking
  • Webinars
  • Social media

To gain access to a steady flow of clients, do not spend your time simply focusing on the sales you need to close for the month; build the right foundation for the future. 

Does your data center have a steady flow of clients? Let us know in the Comments below. 

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Data Center Sales Funnel Acceleration Q&A Webinar

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