I often field questions from founders and CEOs of IaaS (infrastructure as a service), SaaS (software as a service), and fintech (finance technology) about whether their team should be podcasting or creating a YouTube channel.

If you’ve been weighing the pros and cons of comparing podcasting vs. YouTube, there's no reason to choose! 


As long as you, as the subject matter expert, are comfortable on camera/webcam, there's no reason to have to choose between YouTube videos or podcasting. You can publish in both mediums. You'll almost certainly want also to include blogging in the mix as well.


So here's the workflow:

  1. Record your video/blog/podcast on camera -- It can be on your smartphone, webcam, DSLR camera -- whatever you're comfortable with.
  2. Extract the audio file from the fully edited video recording -- For my content, that usually means converting the MP4 file (video) into an MP3 file (audio).
  3. Distribute your video and audio content -- Share the video on YouTube. Post the audio to a podcast hosting service such as Libsyn or Transistor.fm
  4. Transcribe the content into a text file -- If it's a machine-generated transcript, plan on doing some more vigorous copyediting or use a website like Rev.com for high levels of human transcription.
  5. Repurpose the transcript into a blog post -- Embed the video (YouTube) and audio (podcast) versions on your blog. And also, consider syndicating that same content beyond your own website's blog to channels such as Medium and LinkedIn Pulse.

Have you been on the fence about whether to launch a podcast or YouTube channel for your infrastructure, software, or FinTech company? Let me know how you decided in the comments below.

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