Do you work at or lead a B2B tech company? Read this post and watch the video to learn seven effective marketing tips and best practices for B2B technology.

1) Know who you're marketing to

Definite your buyer personas, so you know your target customers better than they know themselves, including demographics, behaviors, preferences, goals, challenges, and objections.

2) Map out the buyer's journey steps each customer goes through

In today's marketplace, so many people prefer to self-serve vs. talking to a human. So it's even more important than ever to understand the kinds of information needed in the early stages when prospects avoid conversations with salespeople in favor of self-guided research.

3) Create content that answers your prospects' and customers' most frequently asked questions

People are constantly asking search engines, social media challenges, and personal assistants (Alexa, Google Home, Sriti, etc.) for answers to questions and solutions to problems.

4) Position your team members as the go-to experts in your industry

By showing up consistently with helpful video, audio, and text content, and at times taking strong stances on relevant issues, the marketplace will begin to fall in love with your content and, by extension, your brand.

5) Segment your leads by buyer persona and buyer's journey stage

Customers crave personalized experiences specific to who they are and where they are in the research- and decision-making process.

6) Accelerate sales cycles with additional content and context

Regardless of whether it's webinars, case studies, comparison guides, or return on investment calculators, invest in tools that allow your buyers to self-educate and self-propel themselves through their buyer's journey to purchase.

7) Build valuable onboarding and customer success resources

In today's digital journey where so many purchases are influenced by the social proof round on user review websites, you need every one of your customers to be completely delighted, raving fans.

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