How Data Center World Prices Compare to Other ConferencesYou have been searching for information about pricing on Data Center World sponsorship, tickets, or for securing booth space. Sure, you could get to the Data Center World website, and scour the pages, but hey, you’re here now. 

Not only will we provide you the pricing, but, as the title says, other conferences which are comparable. 

There are some elite shows in the data center industry. Let’s run through the best and the brightest of the data center conferences, and how much they cost.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t find any logical reasons to include Comic-Con or Star Wars Celebration into the mix here. 


Let’s say you’re a data center executive, looking for a way to promote your business to your target market. Or you might be an information management executive looking for a new colocation or cloud services provider.

Either way, you want to know how much it will cost to get in the door, get your logo featured at the keynotes or have your company name as the Wi-Fi password! 

On with the pricing data you have worked so hard to find!

Data Center World 

Data Center World comes but twice a year, in the spring and fall. ProfitBricks calls it “One to Attend!”

You could go to the UK or Germany for a conference with a European flavor. But the American Data Center World is in Las Vegas. 

Attendee pricing ranges from $1,895 for non-members to $1,595 for AFCOM members. Premium conference rates with exclusive access to exclusive events range from $2,495 for non-members to $2,195 for AFCOM members. Membership has its privileges! 

There are many sponsorship opportunities at Data Center World ranging from booth space rental to a massage center, a Juice Bar and Happy Hour.

Pricing for booth space and show sponsorship ranges from $23,000 to $56,000 depending on the size of your booth and number of conference attendees.

The conference is organized by the Association of Data Center Management Professionals, AFCOM. (Not a typo, that’s the acronym really use. Not ADCM. Really. Look it up. For other pricing information for promotions, hit the sponsorship opportunities link above. Listing all the prices would just get silly. If you are a speaker, you can attend for free! 

Here are some other conferences to compare to, because what good is a comparison blog with no comparing?

Gartner Data Center, Infrastructure, and Operations Management Summit

The name is a mouthful, but the conference is a truly great opportunity to rub elbows with the Who’s Who of the data center industry. Pricing for attendees ranges from $2,795 for early birds to $2,995 for the rest of the birds. Public sector birds only have to pay $2,595. (Pricing edge: Data Center World) 

Sponsorship information for the Gartner DCIOM Summit can be found here, along with their contact for sponsorship pricing. The Gartner event is also in Las Vegas.

Data Center Dynamics Converged

There are many Data Center Dynamics Converged conferences worldwide. For example, the DCD Converged Internet conference in San Francisco event July 30th and 31st is $595 for you early birds or $995 for the rest of them. Many great speakers, and if you want to attend other events during the year on other topics, there are many great conferences to choose from. 

DatacenterDynamics is a recognized authority on data center topics as a magazine and news portal, and their events are also very informative and enjoyable.


Are there data center trade shows you think we should have included? Tell us about them in the Comments section!


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