The best ways for data centers to attract, approach, and get in front of today’s decision-makers are to:

  1. Educate prospects on the problems they are experiencing.
  2. Avoid self-interest; focus on the decision-makers' interests and opportunities
  3. Never allow the highest-paid person in their organization (the HIPPO) to advise against content that will add value to their prospect’s sales experience

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Tip #1: Educating Data Center Decision Makers

To get the decision maker's attention, you want to make sure you enter the conversation that is already going on in their mind. It is not about approaching the conversation as what you want it to be about, but what it actually is about.       

Tip #2: Address Prospects' Problems, Not Yours

Stop talking about yourself. For example, picture this really bad date someone might go out on. The person is there for an hour, and the other person has talked for 58 minutes of that hour.

Stop focusing on yourself and your issues. Instead, focus on your prospects’ problems. Learn what interests your prospect, the questions they ask, and develop super-relevant content addressing those questions and problems.  

Tip #3: Avoid the HIPPO

Finally, do not allow your HIPPO—your CEO or highest paid person in the organization—to dictate your website content strategy because it needs to be all about your prospects’ problems. Do not guess those problems; research to find out what they are.

Think about the questions that you get asked most, whether you are:

  • Asked in person
  • Asked by phone
  • Asked by email
  • Asked about on support tickets
  • Asked on social media

How many of those questions are currently answered on your data center's website? By answering frequently asked questions from prospects, especially from decision-makers, on your website, you are building up your company’s credibility as a trusted business advisor or subject matter expert.  

Is your data center gaining attention from the right buyers? Let us know in the comments below.

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