Did you know that Orlando is home to several world-class data centers? Because of Central Florida’s unique geography, an Orlando data center must cool its racks by using sophisticated green technology and free cooling innovations.

Organizations that choose Orlando have a built-in advantage. Here are four ways that data centers in Orlando introduce sustainable cooling techniques:

  1. Utilizing chilled water
  2. Building reflective roofs
  3. Using advanced PDU systems
  4. Implementing computer room air handler (CRAH) systems

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Traditional Data Center Cooling Methods Impractical for Orlando Data Centers

Traditionally, data centers are cooled using air conditioning. Although AC is a proven method of cooling data center equipment, it contributes to the facility's higher power usage efficiency (PUE) score. When data centers use inefficient methods of cooling for their equipment, facilities can:

  • Cause harm to the environment
  • Shoulder unnecessary energy costs
  • Contribute to carbon emissions

Due to Orlando’s unique climate, traditional methods aren’t always an option. Instead, colocation providers have implemented solutions that keep their servers cool while protecting the environment. This allows Orlando data centers to limit their energy usage while keeping costs low.

Examining the Cooling Methods of Central Florida Data Centers

Advanced power distribution units (PDUs) are one critical technology that helps data centers in Orlando stay cool.

According to Tripp-Lite, PDUs utilize sophisticated power resource systems to automatically stabilize the supply of power as well as the rack’s operating temperature when these metrics become unbalanced.

Within these advanced PDUs, remote current monitoring is used to automate regulating heat variations. This reduces deterioration of the hardware, extending the facility's life while reducing energy costs for the provider.

Orlando area centers also use reinforced PDU cables that keep water cool until it reaches the equipment. Because these cables do not warm to the outside temperature, they can efficiently provide cooling at a lower cost.

More Advanced Methods of Cooling Data Centers in Orlando

Another innovation commonly used within Orlando data centers is computer room air handler (CRAH) systems. According to Data Center Huddle, these cooling mechanisms utilize three fans that bring air into the facility. Once the air is inside, it’s blown over chilled water and forced back into the data center as cooled air.

CRAH systems often contain automated variable frequency drives (VFD) designed to consume the least amount of power possible while maintaining the desired temperature inside the facility. These systems go a step further by recycling cooled air that has yet to be expelled into the room, thus reducing energy consumption even further.

Examples of Data Centers in Orlando That Use Advanced Cooling Methodologies

Let’s look closer at Alterascape located just outside of Orlando, Florida. The cutting-edge facility pioneers the "Building-within-a-building" concept that promotes enhanced cooling. By creating an encased server room, Alterascape’s data center design prevents the outside heat from entering the facility.

DataSite Orlando is another prime example of the latest data center cooling technology. DataSite Orlando utilizes 20-ton CRAH units to keep the facility cool, delivering 2,750 tons of chiller capacity.

These CRAH units provide 600 watts per square foot of power density throughout the data center. Using CRAH units allows DataSite Orlando to consume less energy than a traditional data center air conditioning system.

What have you found the most effective way to cool data centers in a location similar to Orlando, Florida? Let us know your take in the Comments below.

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