What’s coming next in digital marketing? What kinds of marketing trends should those leading B2B tech startups anticipate and plan for in the coming months?

The way people research and make purchase decisions has fundamentally changed. 

Even before the pandemic accelerated a decade's worth of digital transformation in a matter of months, B2B buyers were already strongly preferring to do business with companies that prioritized speed, convenience, and simplicity -- and a fantastic customer experience (CX). 

Even on major considered purchases, B2B tech buyers are now between 60-80% of the way through their decision-making process before they're open to having a sales conversation. 

As a result, digital marketing investments have become make-or-break for many companies so they can continue to stay relevant in the early and middle stages of buying decisions when self-serve information-gathering preferences dominate.


What are you doing at your tech startup to keep up with dramatic changes in digital marketing trends? Let me know in the comments.

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