HubSpot Marketing Hub Professional and HubSpot Marketing Hub Enterprise are my favorite SEO tools that can improve your ranking in search.

With the SEO tool in HubSpot, you can select keywords that balance monthly search volume and relative difficulty, keep track of links between your pillar content pages and related content pages, and get actionable suggestions that help with on-page search optimization.


Just as important, HubSpot Marketing Hub enables you to connect the dots between SEO priorities (traffic), lead generation (calls to action, forms, and landing pages), lead nurturing (email marketing and workflow automation), and sales productivity (CRM).


For small business owners that already wear a dozen or more hats, and don't want another handful (or more) marketing tools to juggle, look for SEO tools that tightly integrate with your content management system (CMS), email marketing, and CRM.


What SEO tools do you use to ensure that your search optimization positively impacts middle and bottom of the funnel outcomes? Let me know in the comments below.


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