Technology is evolving rapidly, and so is the need for data center real estate. Most companies that need a data center have a good idea of what they require regarding square footage, power, heating, and cooling. The technological processes are less of a mystery than the actual location.

Where will the data center be located or built? What opportunities are out there for development?

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The resources listed below include a global firm that sources, supports, and manages data center real estate for clients, a news service that reports trends and opportunities, and a law firm that helps clients select the right location and get the most out of their hosting services.

Cushman & Wakefield

Global firm Cushman & Wakefield offers commercial real estate services to various industries. Its Data Center Advisory Group will source and support real estate opportunities for data centers, making it easier for clients to make an acquisition and manage it profitably afterward.

Services include:

  • Strategic advice: Aligning client goals with available real estate assets
  • Acquisitions and site selection: Identifying ideal sites for clients and carrying out due diligence to ensure that the location is compatible with current and future needs
  • Lease negotiations: Handling renewals, subleasing, relocations, and other lease-related needs on behalf of clients
  • Project management: Overseeing the construction, commissioning, and management of data centers
  • Facilities management: Managing data centers for clients who lack the time, resources, or expertise to handle the daily responsibilities themselves

Cushman & Wakefield has fully integrated global coverage available thanks to strategic partnerships for data center owners, occupiers, and investors with international requirements.

Bisnow Center Real Estate News

Bisnow is an online portal dedicated to commercial real estate news across all sectors.

The data center section covers everything from which companies are setting up a dedicated data center to where new facilities are being constructed. Recent sample headlines included “Need a Data Center? Here are Three in the Pipeline” and “Lowered Oil Prices Have Energy Companies Turning to Data Centers."

Jones Lang LaSalle

An investment management company specializing in real estate, Jones Lang LaSalle has a division dedicated to property solutions for data centers. Services include:

  • Site selection and execution of lease, purchase, or sale
  • Project management: implementing strategies for the development, upgrade, and construction of data centers
  • Incentive discovery: sourcing opportunities to save money, such as tax abatements and lower utility fees
  • Data center management: offsite data monitoring as well as on-site support

The Bottom Line

The data center sector has swiftly become one of the country’s fastest-growing industries. Increased reliance on technology has resulted in more companies using data centers for their IT needs. Due to their special requirements (power, bandwidth, cooling, and security), data centers represent a unique yet challenging real estate class. Still, resources are available that help make the most out of each acquisition.

What data center real estate resources have you used in the past? Were you satisfied with what they delivered? Let us know your thoughts in the Comments box below.

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