Which Portland Data Centers Excel at Managed Hosting?Portland, Oregon is rapidly becoming one of the top regions in the United States to colocate managed servers. Portland data centers are the backbone of the regional tech economy, which has been aptly nicknamed the Silicon Forest.

Data centers in Portland have a distinct advantage over other West Coast providers. For example, did you know that on average, energy costs 35% less in Portland than it does in California?

Why Portland for Data Centers?

  • An abundance of renewable energy resources
  • Free cooling: Portland data centers stay cooler due to persistent rainfall and a colder climate
  • Lack of seismic activity: Portland has a lower occurrence of seismic shifts than other West Coast data center regions
  • No sales tax exists in the state of Oregon

As a result, Portland has become a hotbed of data center innovation. Organizations looking to host managed servers in Portland have no shortage of providers. Here's a shortlist of data centers in the area that excel at managed hosting.


ViaWest operates three data centers near Portland, Oregon and has earned a reputation for providing a full variety of managed hosting services including:

  • Colocated Servers
  • Data Backup
  • Data Storage
  • Database Hosting
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Managed IP Bandwidth
  • Network Security
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Performance Reporting
  • Private Cloud

ViaWest began building data centers in 1999 and the firm’s continued success resulted in its acquisition in 2014 by Shaw Communications.

ViaWest has excelled at providing managed services and continues to be a popular choice for organizations seeking managed hosting services in Portland.


Located within a leased space owned by Digital Realty, Telx's Portland data center has 9,000 square feet of the 54,000 square feet available within the data center.

Telx's Portland facility is highly dense, a single story, and provides businesses with a 100% uptime guarantee regarding network availability and service delivery.

Telx excels in their approach to managed hosting by offering services tailored to specific industries. These industries are:

Each of these industries seems to be booming within the Pacific Northwest region which fuels the need for data center hosting solutions.

Telx helps specific industries reach their goals by providing managed services such as disaster recovery, business continuity, and colocated servers.


SpireTech has been in business since 1993. The managed services provider has operated a data center in downtown Portland since 1999.

The provider has made a name for itself by offering advanced managed service plans that include:

  • Disaster Recovery
  • Hosted Exchange
  • Hourly IT Support
  • Managed Cloud
  • Managed Colo
  • Offsite Data Backups
  • Virtual CIO

SpireTech also provides high-speed internet connections, web hosting, and website design services.


Managed data centers such as ViaWest, Telx, and SpireTech have helped contribute to the thriving tech economy that's blossoming within the Rose City.

Do you have an experience with one of these providers? Tell us all about your experience in the comments section below.

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