No matter the size of your data center, it requires regular cleaning to keep the equipment in good working order, maintain higher sanitation levels, and present a more attractive appearance to employees and visitors.

Your staff can contribute to a clean environment by unpacking equipment in designated areas and keeping cartons out of the server rooms. Still, you will want to hire a professional for maximum cleanliness and data security.


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The cleaning companies listed in this article perform services like the following to keep your data center running at peak performance:

  • Hardware cleaning
  • Floor cleaning
  • Cleaning of the underfloor plenum

These services may also be performed to prepare for equipment installation in newly constructed facilities or as part of a disaster cleanup package.

  • Controlled Contamination Services: CCS offers data center cleaning and decontamination services in high-tech, life sciences, IT, defense, and aerospace industries throughout the U.S.
  • Data Center Solutions, Inc.: Data Center Solutions, Inc. specializes in floor surface cleaning, underfloor cleaning, equipment and ceiling cleaning, and post-construction cleaning in data centers of all sizes.
  • Data Clean Corporation: Data Clean Corporation assists clients with all aspects of cleaning, environmental, and power issues that affect their data center operation. Additional services include cable mining or removing unused cables to clear space.
  • Paragon Critical Environment Specialists: Every year Paragon services controls over 30 million square feet of critical environments in the medical, pharmaceutical, data center, and microelectronic clean room industries.
  • Pegasus Building Services: Pegasus Building Services provides data center cleaning and maintenance services throughout the southwestern region of the U.S. and beyond.
  • Salute, Inc.: Salute, Inc. takes a precise and military approach to data cleaning services. Clients include Canara, Balfour Beatty, and CenturyLink.
  • SEALCO Data Center Services: SEALCO provides cleaning and decontamination services to data centers at all stages of the construction phase. Preventive maintenance services are also available.
  • SPEC-CLEAN: SPEC-CLEAN follows stringent ISO and ASHRAE requirements when performing data cleaning services and maintaining data center quality.
  • Square Care: Square Care works with data center clients to create a custom and state-of-the-art “mission-critical” cleaning package.
  • Sterile Environment Technologies (SET3): SET3 provides data cleaning services to Fortune 500 companies, government facilities, and other sites nationwide.

The Bottom Line

The key to keeping contaminants out of your data center is to avoid bringing them in, but since this level of diligence could result in an impractical work environment, do the next best thing by engaging a dedicated data center cleaning service as part of your yearly maintenance routine.

Does your data center use a specialty cleaning company to preserve the integrity of the premises? Let us know your thoughts in the Comments box below.

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