Missouri is one of the go-to states for data center startups. Electricity is cheaper, taxes are lower, and labor costs aren’t as high as in most other states.

Missouri also benefits from several strong IT companies, educators, and suppliers nationwide. From unique solar-powered Missouri data centers to futuristic underground facilities, Missouri is becoming a focal point for the nation’s most impressive colocation data center options.

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SubTropolis Technology Center (STC) in Kansas City combines leading-edge facility design standards with industry-recognized best practices. Specifications include:

  • 30 megawatts/37.5MVA, 135 watts per square foot of raised floor
  • N+1 redundant power systems with instantaneous failover
  • Several 750 KVA UPS and 2500 kW diesel generators

Two diverse substations provide redundant power feeds to the facility, and the redundant UPS system always protects customer power loads.

Kansas City also consistently ranks among the top-performing areas for reliable, uninterrupted service due to its inherent protection against energy blackouts. Transmission systems are designed so that the loss of any particular line or generator has no impact on the power supply across the region.

Regarding facility size, SubTropolis Technology Center has millions of square feet available for IT purposes, and data center suite dimensions range from 5,000 to 10,000 square feet with 16-foot high ceilings. A generous space allowance and top-rated uptime records have made the STC the data center of choice for businesses that rely on solid business continuity.


The Contegix data center in St. Louis, located in the Digital Realty Building on North Tucker, is a 200,000-square-foot facility with built-in redundancy to safeguard essential systems. Its power specifications are as follows:

  • 8 MW of building load capacity delivered via three different 13.8 MV feeder circuits
  • Solid power redundancy from providers all the way to the devices
  • The electrical busbar system enables rapid deployment of all client power requirements
  • 100% uptime guarantee

All Contegix data centers are N+1 facilities, meaning every piece of equipment has one spare to replace it, ensuring continuity in an emergency. Expert engineers are on site to ensure the immediate replacement of erratic equipment, preventing customer downtime.

365 Data Centers

The 365 Data Centers colocation facility in St. Louis features year-round connectivity, cooling, security, and power services. An excellent uptime record has made this particular data center popular among businesses and organizations whose employees and customers need uninterrupted access to company resources. Power specifications include:

  • 146-ton cooling plant with N+1 configuration
  • 3 x 203 kW UPS backup power for AC clients, all with N+1 configuration
  • Integral 950 kW diesel generator
  • DC power A and B options

In its 10 years of operation, 365 Data Centers has a 100% uptime record, with no downtime that has negatively affected its thousands of customers.

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The Bottom Line

Missouri’s data centers are so well-known for their robust performance and reliable network connections that major corporations like Walmart, MasterCard, Bank of America, IBM, and Thomson Reuters all host mission-critical servers and equipment in facilities within the state. The influx of high-profile clients has, in turn, made it possible for Missouri data centers to expand their square footage and invest in power resources that enable them to remain ahead of their competitors.

How does your Missouri data center measure up compared to the three mentioned in this article? Let us know your thoughts in the Comments box below.

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