A recent study indicated that the data center colocation services market would grow by over 13%. This increased growth has spurred lower pricing all over the country, and Philadelphia colocation data centers are no exception.

Not only are colocation centers in Philadelphia facing competition from each other, but there is also growing competition from cloud services, which offer efficient resource allocation and scalability.

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In addition, there is resistance from CIOs and CSOs who do not want to give up total control of the infrastructure and want to keep it in-house, despite the advantages of colocation data centers. The bottom line is that to get a share of the data market, all Philadelphia colocation operators price aggressively in some fashion or another.

There is More Than the Bottom-Line Dollar Amount to Consider

Some Philadelphia colocation data centers don’t compete on price alone. High-end colocation centers concentrate instead on services such as uptime and security, making them attractive and possibly less expensive in the long run.

Carefully consider your needs and weigh all the possible expenses, not just rack space costs.

Colocation centers in Philadelphia are able to provide services that nearby Washington, D.C., and New York City offer, but in some cases, for half the cost.

TierPoint, Quonix (Colohouse), and Equinix

TierPoint’s colocation center, for example, is located in an economic development zone, giving businesses located in its facilities tax advantages.

The Quonix (Colohouse) Data Center is within walking distance of Amtrak, giving you excellent access. Quonix also has an online pricing tool that provides you with immediate pricing for your needs.

Equinix has centers worldwide, and its Philadelphia center has over 60 businesses, so you have a fully developed infrastructure to utilize for your business.

Insecurity is Expensive

Security is another point to consider – inexpensive racks are useless if anyone can access them.

Most Philadelphia data centers have strict security protocols with 24/7/365 security staff, locked cages, and other important features.

In particular, 365 Data Centers has 16 facilities across the U.S., including its Philadelphia center. It is the only national colocation provider to receive certifications for compliance with the five major standards, including HIPPA, PCI-DSS, and ISAE 3402, for every one of its facilities.

Deals on Philadelphia Colocation Data Center Pricing

You will find competition has some of the 18 colocation centers in Philadelphia offering features such as the first three months of colocation free or lower rates for long-term over month-to-month fees.

Once you’ve determined the features that you need regardless of cost, you’ll be better able to compare pricing. You’ll find that Philadelphia colocation is priced competitively, and providers are aggressively trying to get your business.

Do you have servers in a colocation data center in Philadelphia? Let us know your thoughts in the Comments box below

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