The data center buyer’s journey has changed dramatically during the past year. With as much as 70% of decision-making now over before prospects are ready to speak with a sales professional, it’s critical for your firm to get found early enough -- by the right people, in the right context, and in the right places -- which now includes social media.

    The trouble is -- most data center sales professionals are still pretending that it’s 2010 and wondering why no one’s responding to their obnoxious cold calls, aggressive trade show pitches, or self-serving spam.

    Are you social selling or social spamming? Are you helping or harassing?

    By watching the recording of our webinar on “LinkedIn Social Selling for Data Center Executives”, you’ll learn how to...

    • Start with the right goals that support your sales funnel
    • Position yourself as a data center industry expert and thought leader
    • Build meaningful connections with the right people in the right context
    • Decide what kinds of content to share that helps and adds value
    • Create a company page that differentiates, educates, and builds trust
    • Identify and participate in the LinkedIn Groups that help you reach your goals
    • Use LinkedIn to research and connect with your prospects
    • Nurture leads with LinkedIn to accelerate the sales cycle
    • Connect the dots between LinkedIn, lead generation, sales acceleration, and closing new customers
    • And much more!

    Featured Presenter


    Joshua Feinberg, Revenue Growth Strategist for SP Home Run

    Joshua helps data center providers grow their leads, client base, revenue, and profitability. As a HubSpot Certified Partner, former Microsoft content provider, and IBM sales rep with over two decades in technology marketing and sales enablement, Joshua helps clients differentiate, get found early on in the sales cycle, achieve trusted advisor status, and command premium pricing power to drive sustained, profitable, revenue growth. 

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