3 Baltimore Data Centers Offering the Best Breadth of ServicesWhen choosing a data center that is right for your company, there are several key points to consider: location, connectivity, 24x7 power backup, security, cooling systems, and customer support. 

Even with this long list of requirements, there are several premium Baltimore data centers to choose from.



TierPoint has 13 data centers nationwide and is headquartered in St. Louis. 

This provider understands that your business requires uninterrupted access to data systems and accomplishes this with multiple power feed stations, diesel generators, N+1 redundant electrical distribution, and an isolated ground system. 

The TierPoint Baltimore data center is one of the largest carrier-neutral data centers in the region.

 Conveniently located near downtown Baltimore, this facility offers 30,000 square feet of customizable cabinets, cages, and suites.

 To provide its customers with premier connectivity, TierPoint partners with several telcos including:

  • Comcast
  • FiberLight
  • Reliance Globalcom
  • Verizon
  • Harbor Metro
  • Zayo

Jim Weller, TierPoint’s Vice President of the Mid-Atlantic Region described his company as “…a highly customizable solution that provides organizations the computing resources they need, in the way they need them, basically your cloud your way.”

Expedient Data Centers

Located in the Tide Point area, Expedient Data Centers offers:

  • Security from data loss
  • Security from downtime
  • Security from compliance concerns
  • Physical security 

By utilizing predictive monitoring that analyzes and identifies problems before service is impacted, Expedient Data Centers give its customers guaranteed protection against data loss. It’s also equipped this data center with redundant electric utility power feeds and auto cut-over diesel generators – ensuring that power will always be kept running. 

Expedient Data Centers maintains complete operation and authoritative control over their facility. 

It works with architects, engineers, and electricians to provide their customers with guaranteed connectivity and continuous uptime. Expedient Data Centers also works with industry leaders (such as Intel and VMware) to offer data solutions including:

Swift Systems

Swift Systems’ data center boasts about how it’s delivered 99.999% uptime for over five years. 

The provider has built secure and enclosed racks and structured cabling systems. It’s also physically connected to multiple telcos coming in on separate infrastructure. 

Swift Systems offers traditional rack hosting as well as virtual private servers, dedicated servers, mirrored servers, and managed servers.


Bottom Line

There are several high-quality Baltimore data centers to choose from – including the three introduced in this post. You will need to think about the reliability and efficiency of each center, and choose the ones that best meet your specific needs.


Is there a Baltimore data center that also offers a wide variety of services that didn’t make our list? Let us know your thoughts in the Comments box below.


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