Modern global business is only possible because of data centers. No business operating in the global market today can even function without them. They deliver enterprise value that far exceeds the costs. Tech giants like Google and Microsoft are the best at getting the most value from their data centers, but non-tech companies, on the other hand, have had problems achieving this goal. That’s where data center consultants come in!

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Just like data center auditors add enterprise value, consultants perform a similar role. One of the main reasons why data centers lose enterprise value is inefficiency. Although they might still be making lots of money, the performance of the data center is often poor.

This cycle tends to keep adding to itself, creating a terrible waste of company resources. More often than not, this could be servers that are not computing but still using electricity. Further, sometimes there are also several servers that are lost in the maze, and IT personnel don’t have the necessary data to make the best utilization of all the servers in-house.

What Data Center Consultants Can Tell You

If you hire a consulting firm, they would come in and identify what causes an inefficient operation. These can often be non-technical aspects of businesses and bad management. These can also be linked to departmental politics, separate budgets, and poor staff incentives.

Data center consultants can help you build enterprise value by centralizing the functions of a data center under one leader, team, and budget. When the focus of everyone involved in the operation is aligned, it will be easier to identify system costs and analyze the benefits of making changes or keeping things the way they are. It will also make it far easier to streamline the data center operation, whether big or small.

Update and Stay Current

Consultants in the data center business will also stress the importance of updating the equipment and systems to be current and maintain the highest industry standards continuously. The data center's performance will dictate the business's performance, so it’s imperative to eliminate outages and reduce power consumption.

Modernizing the data center may not always be easy and will require the attention of senior managers. They are the only ones with the authority to make these decisions and may not always see the bigger picture without the input of data center consultants.

Build Value by Tracking Everything

The major players in the data center industry conduct engineering simulations and measurements to enhance the functions within the data center. This can also entail the creation of small internal clouds and reducing deployment times. Further, tracking data center operations will also include the following:

  • Tracking real-time conditions
  • Monitoring server entries
  • Ascertaining the impact of future IT implementations

As the world transitions into the cloud and digital economy, increasing efficiency and cutting costs to remain competitive will become even more important. As a result, consultants have a major role to play in enhancing enterprise value and growing the company as we enter phase two of the digital age.

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