You work in B2B sales and manage a considered sales process with a high-ticket purchase, where it’s generally decision-by-committee.

You, as the sales rep -- or account executive -- uncovered a strong need in the exploratory process and recommended a certain course of action. However, for a multitude of reasons, the momentum of the deal becoming closed-won stalls there. Until this follow-up email (after no response):

Most importantly, this email follow-up strategy gets good-fit client deals over the finish line without discounting.

“This Friday afternoon, we're finalizing our September onboarding schedule (training, workshop, consulting, etc.) Just let me know before the weekend if you want to be on it.”

(This follow-up email strategy is for prospects that are actively engaged in a sales process and oftentimes can be even more powerful when combined with a voicemail or personalized video message.)

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