Let’s face it: there are never enough hours in the day to get everything done. And yet, your customers (and prospects) expect immediate gratification. 

Given these constraints and requirements, what can you do to provide a world-class customer experience while growing your business?

Consider adding B2B marketing automation to your team’s toolkit to help you grow your company faster on autopilot.

Jumpstart Your Account-Based Marketing (ABM) to Multiple Company Stakeholders with B2B Marketing Automation 

To help encourage your initial contact to spread the word to other stakeholders within their company, marketing automation can be a huge help.

As a B2B marketer, you're often trying to attract, engage, and delight clients from the right kinds of companies -- what's often known as account-based marketing (ABM).

For large-ticket, highly-considered purchase decisions, nearly all B2B purchases require buy-in from multiple stakeholders. This phenomenon is known as decision by committee. And as sales cycles grow longer and companies become more risk-averse, marketing to multiple stakeholders becomes more critical than ever.

For example, whenever someone fills out a landing page form to download an eBook, for example, marketing automation can be used to ask:

: "who else at needs to see this?"

Or whenever someone registers for a live event or virtual event/webinar, marketing automation can be used to ask:

: "who else at needs to attend?"

This simple marketing automation strategy can make an enormous difference in getting your first point of contact with a company to spread the word about your thought leadership content -- which is a much lighter commitment than asking someone to vouch for your company.

From a sales perspective, when you have two or more people attending an event together or even a webinar, and the company is a good fit, sales reps tend to get excited because they know one of the first dominos in the sales process has fallen in their favor. They now have multiple stakeholders from the same company talking about their content -- and by extension, their brand and their company.

The Two-Pronged Benefit of B2B Marketing Automation for Startups and Scaleups


The main benefit of B2B marketing automation for small businesses is two-fold:

  1. Lead nurturing and sales cycle acceleration can happen 24/7/365 with no human intervention. For example, think about a prospect downing an eBook or registering for a webinar late on a Friday evening on a three-day holiday weekend. No one from your sales team will be available to review this lead and reach out until Tuesday morning -- more than 72 hours from now. However, when you know what the most common questions/requests are, you can proactively use marketing automation to provide this information to leads so they can close the loop on their research and decision-making process.
  2. By anticipating prospects' needs and proactively providing additional resources, you're providing a better user/customer experience (CX). Thanks to the consumerization of IT and digital transformation, people have become very impatient -- always expecting immediate gratification. Well planned and implemented marketing automation helps you deliver a great customer experience right now.

How have you used B2B marketing automation to grow your business faster? Let me know in the comments.

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