B2B email marketing sometimes gets a bad rap.

On the one hand, you have armies of financially motivated competitors to email marketing that want to convince you that augmented reality, cryptocurrency, blockchain, live streaming,  non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and TikTok are somehow more powerful, fun, and more effective than email. And that, by extension, email must be dead. (Nothing could be further from reality.)

Then you have B2B sales teams that frequently exert pressure on their marketing colleagues to use email marketing as a cold outreach strategy to spam people who never agreed to receive your email. (a largely atrocious idea on many levels)

B2B email marketing can be a potent channel to educate and build trust with prospects and customers when used effectively.

If your company is on the fence about how to prioritize email marketing or you’re a marketing professional that's constantly being put on the defensive to justify why B2B email marketing still works, here are six conversation points for growth-minded companies:

  1. Carefully segment your lists so that you can use high levels of personalization in your email marketing to build better relationships.
  2. Keep your brand top of mind so (a) prospects are reminded that your company is the go-to source when they’re ready to purchase, and (b) customers are reminded of the reasons why they invested in your product or service.
  3. Promote content to the buyer personas and lifecycle stages that make the most sense for your newest thought leadership content -- including blog posts, podcast episodes, webinars, and downloadable content.
  4. Drive reconversions on your landing page forms that generate consideration and decision stage leads for your sales team -- and accelerate your sales cycle to deals close faster.
  5. Announce your new products and services to your existing prospects and customers most likely to be interested in purchasing.
  6. Nurture leads into customers and customers into promoters much more efficiently than a human could do at scale.

How do you use B2B email marketing to grow your company? Let me know in the comments.

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