A little while back, Montgomery County, Maryland, made headlines when representatives announced that $12 million in tax rebates would be made available to businesses that outsourced their IT needs to a Silver Springs data center. The grants were, and still are, representative of a larger pattern of incentives offered by Maryland’s state and local governments to encourage data center use.

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Biotech startups, cyber security firms, and data centers have been enticed to move to Maryland by state-specific awards and offers. Both private and public companies can optimize costs by outsourcing their IT requirements, and when Maryland data centers receive perks such as property tax breaks, they have more money to invest in innovative network and security services.

Better Network Solutions

With more money available to invest in network solutions, a Maryland data center can improve the strength and security of its network services, such as:

  • Dedicated and in-depth monitoring of both physical and virtual server performance
  • Mission-critical application monitoring in real-time
  • Traffic monitoring based on flow
  • Actual monitoring of the data center environment
  • Monitoring the temperature of both servers and routers

Improved Security Services

With so many client files and applications at stake, data centers must reduce risk exposure and increase information and network security. With today’s security threats becoming more sophisticated and intuitive than ever, the need for enhanced security tools and strategies is critical for any data center in Maryland and beyond, so it can:

  • Detect threats from all potential sources: email, web, file, and network, for example
  • Identify and remediate threats in minutes instead of hours, enabling better and faster protection of both information and infrastructure

Robust Data Options

Tax breaks will support greater investment in data flow support. Network connections can become more reliable thanks to stronger hardware and software installation, delivering the bandwidth needed for video conferencing, file sharing, and other data-heavy operations. Other benefits include:

  • Faster and more reliable connections thanks to intelligent routing and increased bandwidth
  • Easier integration of data from multiple remote sources, eliminating latency issues

The Bottom Line

Tax rebates and other incentives indirectly make IT outsourcing more attractive to Maryland businesses because they enable data centers throughout the state to improve the quality, scope, and resiliency of the services available.

When demand for colocation services increases, as a result, more jobs will become available in the IT field, supporting the state economy and cementing Maryland’s reputation as a data center hotspot.

Does your Maryland data center capitalize on any of the available incentives both state and local governments offer?  Let us know your thoughts in the Comments box below.

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