When you can measure your digital marketing metrics, you gain the power to improve quite dramatically over time. 

After all, once you know what’s working, you can repeat that and prioritize around that finding. And accordingly, when you’ve determined that a campaign was a dud, you learned something that’s not working repeating.

Given this, what are the three digital marketing metrics that leaders of B2B technology startups must track?

  1. Sales Qualified Leads (SQLs) -- This metric showed that the marketing team generated a lead that met the threshold for passing to sales (combination of ideal client profile/ICP match and high-intent behavior). Plus, someone from the sales team reviewed and accepted that lead, which is why Sales Qualified Leads (SQLs) are sometimes known as Sales Accepted Leads (SALs).
  2. Opportunities/Pipeline Sourced -- This metric shows that the lead from the campaign generated a qualified lead that was manually accepted. And this lead met with someone from the sales team that determined (a) a sales opportunity exists with a (b) estimated close date, and (c) estimated deal size. Metric (c) -- the estimated deal size -- is the digital marketing metric your leadership team should be most interested in.
  3. Closed Won Revenue -- This metric shows how much marketing-sourced revenue was generated from a specific marketing campaign after the lead successfully passed through lifecycle stages for Sales Qualified and Opportunity.


What digital marketing metrics do you make a priority to track for your B2B tech startup? Let me know in the comments section below.

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