Finding the right topic is the second-best webinar practice for data centers and colocation providers.

Sometimes, finding the proper content that fits your business’ buyer persona can be difficult.

However, you can take many different avenues to find an attractive topic that will appeal to your audience.

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Joshua Feinberg, the VP and co-founder of SP Home Run, believes content creation is critical to business success. Feinberg talks about today’s world and how the competition for people's attention is more intense than ever before.

Feinberg mentions, “It is no longer: If you build it, they will come. You can assure yourself that if you don’t have distribution and a promotion plan, you will build it, and they will not come.” This being said, it seems highly important to find valuable content and topics that will catch the eye of your prospects.

For businesses’ marketing efforts to be successful, Feinberg highly recommends that businesses “need to take half of the resources, half of the budget, and half of the time creating the content; the other half is all about distributing it, promoting it, and getting it in front of the right kind of viewers.”

Finding an intriguing topic is extremely important. However, how do you go about finding appropriate content to attract your buyer personas? Let’s look at some suggestions that have worked for finding the right topics for webinars:

  • Ask questions through the use of forms
  • Pull topics from blog posts
  • Repurpose previously used content

Ask Questions

Every aspect of your marketing efforts—including online events— should rely on your buyer persona research. The first step in finding a topic is asking open-ended questions of your current or previous clients.

For example, what is the biggest challenge that you are facing as a colocation provider or in your data center? Understanding their challenges can provide valuable content that will appeal to other colocation providers or data centers. Whatever questions are relevant to you, ask them and share them through a webinar.

Pull Information from Blog Posts

To create a powerful and attention-grabbing topic, you can pull information from popular blog posts and answer inquiries from the comments section of these blog posts in your web events.

Feinberg suggests looking through past blog posts that have done extremely well in organic search, social media, or email newsletters and reinventing those into webinars.


Repurpose Previous Content

Whether you have a blog post, eBook, whitepaper, or editorial content, you can repurpose it. For example, turn your eBook or blog post into an online event. Every person has different learning preferences; some enjoy reading, some like listening, and others enjoy watching videos.

You could potentially attract more viewers by repurposing your current content into a web event.

Key Takeaway

Finding the right topic for your webinar is not as hard as it may seem. The content is available; you need to know where to find it. The best way for you to gather your content is through Q&A, pulling information from popular blog posts, and giving light to your previously used content.

Also, see How Data Centers Find the Right Clients.

Is it challenging for you to come up with the right topic for your data center webinars? Do you have other ways you use to create webinar content? Please let us know in the comments below.

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