Data centers and end users have very different concerns and needs. 

Sure, there are some traits you could assign to both, but at the end of the day, the two have separate roles, and you must separate these two audiences to understand what they look for when evaluating partners.

To create content that resonates with each audience, buyer personas must be generated, separate content must be made, and different topics must be covered.

Segmenting these audiences will make all the difference for them; it shows you understand their concerns in your messaging, demonstrates your relevance, and helps you become a world-class expert resource in your industry. 

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Data Center Buyer Personas

Buyer personas are fictional representations of a business's ideal client.

A detailed persona will retrieve information such as:

  • Job titles/roles
  • Skills pertaining to their job role
  • Tools they use to perform their job
  • The challenges they face
  • The industry their company falls in
  • The size of their company
  • Their responsibilities
  • Their career path
  • How do they define success
  • Where they network
  • What social media do they use
  • How do they prefer to purchase items/services
  • How they prefer to communicate
  • Personal demographics

Buyer personas are based on both research and educated speculation and must be verifiable through data and thorough research.

Buyer personas help attract relevant customers, score leads, and create personalized content.

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Content Creation Focused on Goals

Once you review your buyer personas, you will understand each of your personas' needs, concerns, and what they value when entering a partnership.

Most importantly, separate content must be created for separate personas.

“Make sure you are 100% focused on their needs and addressing their problems,” says Joshua Feinberg, Co-Founder of SP Home Run, “Segmentation, workflow, and nurturing all need to take place to come up with material that resonates with both. Being lazy and lumping your personas into the same bucket will not serve you well.”

Though topics may overlap between personas, always create separate content and conversion paths for the various audiences. In other words, topics may coincide but personalizing material whenever appropriate (introduction, closing, etc.) will optimize your material for separate audiences.

At the end of the day, to acquire more colocation and data center end-user partners, focus your content on their goals to become an expert resource for answering their questions.

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