Andy Young, Account Director at Skeleton Productions [B2B Digitized Podcast]In this episode of the B2B Digitized Podcast, you’ll be introduced to Andy Young, Account Director at Skeleton Productions based in the United Kingdom. Andy will share his thoughts on video strategy, production, and marketing. 

Skeleton Productions believes in challenging usual, comfortable ways of working to help big businesses achieve incredible results with their video content. Andy and his team work with industries such as SaaS, FinTech, Finance, Logistics, and a diverse range of B2C clients.

Listen to the full episode of the B2B Digitized Podcast to learn more about:

    • Experimenting with different types of content to see what people want
    • Getting to know your audience
    • Helping prospects through long-form video content
    • Learning where you can make the biggest impact for your client
    • Testing content to create improvements
    • Using video to educate and empower your prospects 

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Listen to the Podcast Interview


Andy has advice for those just getting started in digital marketing:

"You need to know your audience, really know your audience. There's so much information out there that is free. And there is some really great information that is paid as well. But there's a lot of free information out there that you can use to really dig into your audience. There's a lot of B2B stuff as well. If you're targeting specific companies, you can look at a company statement, you can look at what they're posting on LinkedIn, look at what the key individuals are posting on LinkedIn. And look at their competitors to see what they're doing."

Andy also talked about using video as a precursor to a sales meeting:

“Trying to get a meeting with some people can be quite tough. They would rather learn at their own pace. So we created a 15-minute, rather long, video that was like an on-demand webinar where you could watch and learn in more detail, as a precursor to the sales meeting. This empowered the prospect so that when they went on the call they knew the right questions to ask the company. And I think a big part of that is people want to feel empowered with decision-making. So giving them the right information, at the right stage, in the right format is absolutely vital.”

Andy also shared how to help clients experiment with different types of content:

“We were recently working with a client. Their content was performing okay. But what we found out looking at it from a strategic level and what's performing well in the market at the moment was behind-the-scenes videos. People want to see behind the curtain. So that was one of our suggestions. They don't necessarily need to be high production value, they're expected to be a little bit grainy or gritty. That worked really well for them and increased their engagement massively.” 

All of this and more is discussed in this episode of the B2B Digitized Podcast. To learn more about Andy Young and contact him with any questions about the topics discussed, you can find him on LinkedIn or at Skeleton Productions.

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