If you’re trying to level up and upskill your lead generation, creating and distributing great content needs to be on your front burner. With that in mind, here are five content marketing ideas that you can use to get you more great leads.

(1) Start an interview-based podcast

Each week, interview a different person that aligns with your core buyer personas.

Your guests will help you create super-helpful content. You learn more great customer insight about the audience that matters most to you. You build a valuable relationship that can lead to other co-marketing or sales opportunities. (Just be super-careful to focus on building up and showing their expertise primarily.)

And finally, you’ll create content marketing assets that can help you generate leads not just now but for months and years into the future.

For context, I have podcast episodes that I recorded eight years ago that still accrue brand building and lead generation benefits.

(2) Host educational, conference-grade webinars

What’s the best way to simultaneously educate and build trust with dozens or hundreds of your prospects or customers, regardless of their location?

Host helpful online events where you educate, entertain, and inspire while generating and accelerating leads into sales opportunities.

How do you know that your webinars are effective?

  • For starters, your average attendee stays for most/all of the webinar and actively participates in the polling questions.
  • Second, a significant number of attendees are inspired enough to take the next step with your company, usually raising their hand to ask for sales contact or simply signing up for your next step order/call to action.
  • Third, you start to see webinar groupies that come to all/most of your webinars and bring their coworkers.
  • And finally, you’ll know you’re producing conference-grade webinars when your feedback surveys are hitting it out of the park, in much the same way that you’d aspire to have one of the highest-rated sessions at an offline conference, trade show, or similar offline event.

(3) Repurpose your long-form podcast and webinar content

No matter how insightful your 30-minute podcast episodes or 60-minute webinars are, many people won’t consume the full content marketing asset.

However, if you chop up each of those long-form content assets into a handful of 30-second to 3-minute excerpts that are titled with sub-sections of the longer-form content, you’ll get a lot more engagement and potential lead generation.

You can also excerpt podcast and webinar content into image quotes, blog posts, and short text posts.

(4) Build a resource library that features all of your great content

Once you grow beyond a few podcast episodes and webinar recordings, even your most passionate fans among your prospects, customers, and internal team members will have a hard time keeping track of your great work.

So instead of frustrating them, build a well-organized website resource that showcases your great hits for content marketing and lead gen.

(5) Amplify your reach with paid social and paid search

While it can be a fantastic advantage to have great owned media/reach with your organic search, email, and social media, every company starts from scratch. And it can take a while to build up reach organically.

Even when you do this at scale, you’ll often catch many unqualified leads when you can’t impose geographic, industry, or company size restrictions.

So at long as your unit economics allow (for example, average client lifetime value/LTV), embrace that much of search engine and social media visibility is now pay to play. And budget for some ads that drive directly to your high-performing website landing pages that generate great leads from your content marketing.


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