If your company is like most, you’re always looking for creative ways to attract and retain new customers. 

Use these five ways to tap into your B2B social media presence to attract more of the right customers to your business:

  1. Start with the "who" and the "why" -- Who is your primary audience, and why should they pay attention to you? Before you start posting and interacting on B2B social media, be sure you thoroughly understand your ideal clients' goals, plans, challenges, and favorite watering holes. Analyze buyer motivations and behaviors.
  2. Create content worth sharing on social media -- Know who your core buyer personas are and what they care about. And get up to speed on the modern buyer's journey. All too often, newbie social media marketers and salespeople think that most of their audience is already at the decision stage, when in reality, just about everyone starts in the awareness stage. Your goal should be to begin the relationship in the awareness stage and be available with your audience throughout their entire buyer's journey.
  3. Build up your brand by educating -- The content you share on social media and your interactions can make an enormous, positive impact on how your brand is perceived. But be patient. Don't try to propose marriage and elope on the first date.
  4. Focus on the channels that matter most to your buyer persona -- Narrow down your publishing and interactions to channels where your ideal clients already hang out.
  5. Use paid social to get hyper-specific on your targeting -- While most gravitate to free B2B social media posts, social media ads can be a very cost-effective, hyper-specific way to get your content offers in front of the exact people that matter most.

How have you successfully used social media to attract (and retain) more of your target B2B customers? Let me know in the comments.


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