Over the past decade, streaming video consumption has gone mainstream.  From a content creation standpoint, video content helps you educate and build trust.

With that in mind, which video marketing tools do I use to educate and build trust?

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1) Camtasia for Windows

Since 2008 -- This is the primary app I've used to record and edit videos, pretty much since the beginning. Records my screen, webcam, external microphone, and system audio.


2) Descript

Very recently -- I'm currently evaluating Descript to add to my video marketing toolkit. I especially like its ability to transcribe videos and edit them directly from the transcript. It also has this cool AI feature that identifies and allows me to delete all the embarrassing filler words (um, err, uh-huh, like, etc.)


3) GoToWebinar and GoToMeeting

Since 2008 -- I've used GoToWebinar and GoToMeeting to host webinars and small meetings that are often being recorded and edited/repurposed into video content.


4) HubSpot Video

I use HubSpot video for hosting recordings of podcast interviews and on-demand webinars.


5) Wistia

Since 2013 -- I use Wistia, with its HubSpot integration, for premium video hosting, generally webinar recordings that are gated behind landing pages. Super-cool feature: seeing how much of a particular video is watched on a contact record in HubSpot. If you're a marketer who generates leads for your sales team, imagine how powerful your sales reps are to know if someone watched 2 minutes of 59 minutes of a 1-hour webinar recording.


6) Veed.io 

Very recently -- I'm currently evaluating Veed.io for reformatting standard HD videos (1920x1080) to square (1920x1920), primarily for LinkedIn. Veed.io automatically generates captions and can burn the captions into the video, which is super-important for attracting people who watch videos with the sound off.


7) YouTube

Since 2010 -- As the second most popular search engine, YouTube's reach is unparalleled -- as is the degree of competition to grow organic reach.


8) Zoom Meetings

Since 2019 -- Just as with GoToWebinar and GoToMeeting, I use Zoom to host small meetings that get recorded and repurposed into podcast episodes.


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