Growing a tech startup can be challenging. However, with the right SaaS tools, you can build the foundation for success by getting better organized, working much more efficiently, and making sure that nothing falls through the cracks. 

Growth Flywheel and CRM

As far as SaaS tools go, HubSpot SaaS and its flywheel-power inbound methodology can be a fantastic way for businesses to grow better online.

Built on top of the HubSpot CRM as the common database connecting various teams within a company, HubSpot has five distinct Hubs: Marketing Hub, Sales Hub, Service Hub, CMS Hub, and more recently Operations Hub.

Marketing SaaS Tools

Marketing Hub Starter is generally for small business owners just getting started with inbound marketing or content marketing. They're looking to get some basic lead capture information and insight into their leads, and create a few landing pages and simple email marketing campaigns.

Marketing Hub Professional is more the core mainstream product that's most popular with rapidly growing startups and scaleups. Typically, workflow automation is the most compelling feature that Marketing Hub Professional introduces.

Marketing Hub Professional works great for more sophisticated teams that want to orchestrate and automate their multichannel campaigns and customize their whole approach to getting found online, creating landing pages, creating videos, going beyond just basic email automation to fully automate across the full growth flywheel, with much more aggressive segmentation and personalization and more granular reporting.

Sales SaaS Tools

Sales Hub Starter helps companies get their feet wet with the more advanced sales tools beyond just the basic free HubSpot CRM. You'll get access to some templating, task management, and the ability for prospects and customers to self-book meetings.

Sales Hub Professional is where you start to see teams that are much more aggressively utilizing the tools around email sequencing, more granular deals, and task management. Most importantly, Sales Hub Professional brings workflow automation to sales teams.

Customer Success SaaS Tools

Recognizing that in a digitally-first world, your word of mouth spreads digitally in terms of the flywheel from attracting, engaging, and delighting, Service Hub is HubSpot's SaaS for customer success. As with the other Hubs, when you move up to Professional, HubSpot Service Hub introduces workflow automation -- and adds a Knowledge Base and feedback tools.

HubSpot CMS Hub helps growth-minded companies deliver a world-class customer experience on their websites; because of HubSpot CRM being joined at the hip with HubSpot CMS.

Much more recently, HubSpot introduced its firth Hub: Operation Hub. With so many different parts of a company with data flowing back and forth, Operations Hub keeps data in sync to drive better decision-making and excellent customer experiences.

What’s your favorite SaaS tool that you’re using to help grow your tech startup? Let me know in the comments.

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