For data center sales teams to close more world-class clients, first define what world-class clients are.

Be super crisp about the meaning of world-class so it can be used to segment leads between those that are:

  • Qualified
  • Super qualified
  • Marginally qualified, and
  • Not qualified at all


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Segmenting to Prioritize Super-Qualified Data Center Leads

Segmenting leads is important because they should be approached differently based on whether they get automation or passed to sales immediately.

Super high qualified leads may not require nurturing and may jump into sales immediately. Hence, we need to be super crisp about what makes a world-class client for you.

It is also important to determine what an unqualified client looks like so they can easily be distinguished and disqualified. This is often known as a negative buyer persona and can be incredibly useful for LinkedIn Ads campaigns, LinkedIn Sales Navigator campaigns, lead generation forms drop-down lists, email marketing exclusion lists, and CRM filters.

Many companies do not know who is a bad fit and spend too much time on marginal leads. To make this work well, it is a big culture and organizational change for many companies.

Top-Down Buy-In Required

To be effective, you need to have company-wide buy-in—starting from the CEO level down. A workshop often becomes a valuable tool to get everyone on the same page; this goes hand-in-hand with world-class clients.

Chances are, there are people in every department of your company who are asked questions on a regular basis. They may say something like, “Wow, I feel like I answer that question repeatedly.”

If there are people being asked the same question regularly, there is a need for that material to be addressed front and center on your website.

Buyer personas are not just for marketing but also important tools for sales. Really dig into building those personas so your sales team knows how to recognize great-fitting clients and poor-fitting clients.  

How is your data center sales team closing with world-class clients? Let us know in the comments below.  

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