For data centers to generate more highly qualified leads and opportunities, they must attract the right strangers as early as possible in the decision-making process. Early discovery grants the opportunity to:

  • Be a guru or teacher
  • Frame how prospects evaluate different alternatives
  • Influence their buyer’s journey as a whole

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Why Data Center Websites Struggle with Lead Generation

Stop assuming your website visitors are ready to buy; this is a huge ultra common mistake often made in the data center industry, mid-market enterprises, and tech in general. Marketers in these industries have the habit of assuming everyone is ready to buy the first time on their first visit; that is not the case.

In fact, in nearly all cases, it is considered a buying process that spans anywhere from weeks to months at times—even if it is a really good enterprise sale. The sales cycle can be longer, so ensure you deeply understand product/market fit and your funnel.  

It is naïve to assume you can treat all website visitors equally and attract attention. The CFO, CIO, CEO, and compliance officer all care about vastly different issues, so make sure you are not talking to them all the same way. 

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Conversion Paths and Data Center Content

You need premium content and conversion paths for:

  • Each buyer persona
  • Each stage of the buyer’s journey

Accelerate sales cycles from leads to opportunities and close revenue by using:

  • The content and context of where leads are with workflow automation
  • Lead nurturing 

Defining Ideal Client Profiles (ICPs) and Identifying Highly-Qualified Leads

Defining ideal client profiles and lead qualification criteria is crucial for the success of a data center business.  An ICP is a detailed description of your ideal customer. This information is vital in developing targeted marketing strategies. 

To define an ICP, consider the industry, company size, location, budget, and decision-making authority. Once you have defined your ICP, the next step is to identify highly-qualified leads that fit the criteria. 

Highly-qualified leads are prospects that are most likely to become customers because they match the characteristics of your ICP.  You can identify these leads using data analytics tools, market research, or leveraging your network. 

The key is to focus on quality over quantity and prioritize leads more likely to convert into paying customers. Doing so can maximize your resources and increase your chances of success in the highly competitive data center industry.

Does your data center need more highly-qualified leads? Let us know in the comments below.

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