Most B2B technology buyers now do tons of self-directed research before they're ready to have a conversation with a vendor salesperson.

In this kind of digitally-transformed marketplace, your content assets now need to do a lot of the heavy lifting with prospects and customers. Given these challenges, your content strategy becomes vital.

How can you create a content strategy that attracts, engages, and delights the right B2B technology audience?

  • Set SMART goals (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and timebound)
  • Determine your most important buyer personas (when starting, prioritize your primary and secondary buyer personas -- and perhaps a negative buyer persona -- that drives your segmentation and personalization strategy)
  • Research and create buyer persona documents (that will drive your content strategy)
  • Research and create a buyer's journey map of the buyer-centered steps each buyer persona progresses through on their way from stranger to customer to delighted customer/promoter
  • Determine the job to be done by your product/service (Jobs Theory from the late Clayton Christensen of Harvard Business School)
  • Create a content editorial calendar (with planned content creation for each buyer persona and stage of the buyer's journey)
  • Measure the effectiveness of each content asset and campaign in their contribution to your SMART goals (so you can double- and triple down on what's working and pause/de-emphasize what isn't working)
  • Update your content strategy regularly (as you discover new buyer personas, launch new products/services and adapt to new marketplace conditions and buyer preferences)

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