Content strategy is a company's holistic plan for getting found by the right people, in the right places, at the right time, and in the right context -- and uncover revenue growth opportunities that they’re currently missing. 

In this scenario, content typically gets utilized for traffic generation, lead generation, and lead nurturing. 

However, many companies also now invest in a post-purchase content strategy that supports customer marketing and customer success -- to help their newly signed up customers learn how to get the most value from the company's products and services.

With the right mindset around playing the long game with differentiation, thought leadership, competitive positioning, and sales cycle acceleration, a company's content strategy can do wonders for educating and building trust (at scale) with prospects and customers. 

In a world where so much of the buyer's journey now happens without human contact, content becomes a valuable asset to a business. 


And content consistently improves the customer experience, while it generates revenue from both new and existing customers.

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