If you want to stay on top of emerging trends in the industry, attending data center trade shows will be a great way to stay informed while making new connections. Whether it's vendors, competitors, or customers, it is a great opportunity to start networking.

Several trade shows are scheduled this year, but which of these has the best social media presence?

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Monitoring social media activity associated with each event allows you to get a feel for each trade show while deciphering which ones are worth your attendance.

Some also offer virtual and live-streaming as well, so if you already surpassed your travel budget, there are options. Let’s take a look at some of the data center trade shows scheduled for this year with a great social media presence.


1. 451 Research Uptime Institute Symposium

Social Media: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter- @UptimeInstitute

After a decade of continued success, Uptime Institute Symposium has gone global. Following a successful event in the Middle East last December, the upcoming one will be held in the far east.

It is the data center authority’s first event in China, featuring discussions about key topics that colocation owners and operators face.


2. AFCOM Data Center World

Social Media: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter- @DataCenterWorld

It is becoming increasingly difficult for data center and IT infrastructure professionals to keep up with the changes in the industry. If you need help making your facility more agile, efficient, and resilient, this is one of the data center trade shows that should make your list.


3. The Greater New York Data Center Summit

Social Media: LinkedIn, Twitter -@CapRateEvents

If you are looking for a great conference that doesn’t go on for several days, the  Greater New York Data Center Summit is ideal. Packed with over 40 speakers, it will offer a comprehensive market analysis, including opportunities and challenges.


4. 7x24 Exchange Conference

Social Media: Twitter- @7x24Exchange, YouTube

The not-for-profit organization 7×24 Exchange International has been providing an educational forum focused on the challenges faced by mission-critical industry professionals for over 25 years.

The Bottom Line

Plenty of data center trade shows are taking place this year—and a simple Google search can add plenty more events to this list — but not all of them have a great social media presence.

To find out what’s going on during the event to determine if it is right for you, check out their website and social media pages for more information. 

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What other data center events would you add to this list? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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