If you’re like many data center CEOs and other executives, you have a core list of trade shows and industry conferences that are on your “must” list each year.

Regardless of whether your company exhibits, speaks at, or attends, which national and regional data center trade shows make the most sense for you to attend?

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7x24 Exchange

Organized as a trade association for mission-critical IT professionals, 7x24 Exchange produces two conferences yearly (spring and fall), supports 24 local chapters, and publishes 7x24 Exchange Magazine. Since 1989, 7x24 Exchange has provided a community for those designing, building, maintaining, and using mission-critical enterprise IT infrastructure. Each three-day conference in different parts of the USA introduces attendees to new approaches, solutions, products, and techniques for improving end-to-end reliability.

Datacenter Dynamics

Although headquartered in London, DatacenterDynamics Converged produces events all over the globe. In addition to three annual events in North America, DCD Converged holds well over a dozen additional events in Asia, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Spain, and Latin America. Besides being in the live and online events business, the company has diverse products and services for “the business of data centers,” including Datacenter Dynamics Magazine, DC Professional Development, DCD Intelligence, and DCD Jobs.

Data Center Forums

While a lot of data center trade shows focus on the IT professionals who operate and manage mission-critical IT facilities, the IMN (Information Management Network) Data Center Forums approach the data center industry largely from the institutional finance and investment standpoint – more specifically, real estate investment trusts (REITs).

Data Center Summits

Like IMN, CRE (CapRate Events) also sees the data center industry through a more investment-focused lens – in this case, commercial real estate. For the past few years, CRE has produced regional Data Center Summit events in cities, states, and regions such as Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, Northern California, Texas, and Washington, DC.

Data Center World (AFCOM)

For over three decades, Data Center World, the AFCOM trade association's flagship event, has attracted over half of the Fortune 500 from roles including CIO, data center manager, facilities manager, network manager, operations manager, systems software manager, and VP of IS. Each year, the global and national conferences provide educational opportunities, networking opportunities, and guidance. Each of the 70+ sessions promises three takeaways, a vendor-neutral approach, 20+ end user-led sessions, and a guarantee of no sales pitches for speakers. Period.

Gartner Data Center, Infrastructure & Operations Management Conference

The Gartner Data Center Conference is a four-day trade show designed for IT professionals who work in IT operations and facilities, servers, storage, backup/recovery, mobile, cloud, desktop virtualization, and data center networking. Tracks typically include sessions on web-scale IT, IT operations, cloud strategy, mobility, servers and OS, architecture and data management, intelligent data centers, planning for tomorrow, cost optimization, and leadership.


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Which data center trade shows have you found most helpful? What’s on your calendar for the coming months? Please share your thoughts in the comments below. 

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