Data centers and cloud service providers face a very different buyer's journey compared to as recently as five years ago.

    Evaluators and decision makers now do so much research online, by using search engines and social media, that often as much as 70% or more of their decision is made before you're even invited into the conversation. This is a big challenge, but also a big opportunity -- if you can command trusted advisor status. One of the best ways to do this: producing remarkable, educational webinars.

    By watching the recording of "Webinar Best Practices for Data Centers and Cloud Service Providers," you'll learn how to:

    • Establish meaningful SMART goals
    • Select the right topic, speakers, audience, and timeslot
    • Pick the right tools
    • Organize your webinars into repeatable processes
    • Support both live attendee and recording registrations
    • Promote your live event in the right places
    • Balance educational content with the right calls to action
    • Compile your pre-flight checklist
    • Get more mileage out of the recording with email, social media, and blogging
    • Create CRM templates and workflow automation to boost registrations, cross-promotion, and post-event conversations
    • And much more!

    Featured Presenter 


    Joshua Feinberg helps data center providers grow their leads, client base, revenue, and profitability. As a HubSpot Certified Partner, former Microsoft content provider, and IBM sales rep with over two decades in technology marketing and sales enablement, Joshua helps clients differentiate, get found early on in the sales cycle, achieve trusted advisor status, and command premium pricing power to drive sustained, profitable, revenue growth. 

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