Data centers are large consumers of electricity

Their entire operation relies on non-stop power distribution, and as the market continues to make strides in the technology realm, the concentration of data centers only increases.

As a power distribution and management company looking to meet with a decision-maker, be sure to adhere to the following suggestions to get the conversation started. 

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Content for the Decision Maker

A common mistake many B2B companies make is developing content for the influencer but not the decision-maker.

Ideally, content should appeal to both the influencer and the decision-maker. To help with this, use resources such as webinars or events at attracting and converting stages.

The earlier you target these prospects, the more time you have to educate, build trust, and prove your value to prospects—making it possible for you to compete on factors other than price. 

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Social Selling

Social selling lets businesses communicate directly with buyer personas, leads, and prospects.  

Social selling should primarily be used as a resource to educate, advise, and answer questions; self-promotion typically does not bode well on social media platforms.

“LinkedIn social selling can be extremely effective in generating leads, promoting content to relevant prospects, and networking within your industry,” says Joshua Feinberg, VP and Co-Founder of SP Home Run.

Negative Buyer Personas

A buyer persona is a fictional representation of a company’s ideal customer.

A negative buyer persona—also known as an exclusionary persona— is a fictional character representing consumers that companies should avoid.

A negative buyer persona might be a business that likes all your content but will never have the budget to afford your services. It may also be a company that is too close to its inception and not yet ready for a partnership (even if they cannot recognize it themselves!).

Ultimately, negative buyer personas help businesses weed through their leads that are in fact qualified versus leads that may think they’re qualified but in reality, are not.

Negative buyer personas are important tools for businesses to use because they help deter departments (like marketing and sales) from allocating resources to reach audiences that aren’t a good fit.

How does your power distribution and management company attract data center clients and secure meetings with decision-makers? Let us know in the comments below.

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