With hundreds of millions of professionals active on the leading social media platforms, including LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter, your company may be missing the boat and tons of great prospects if you don’t have the right kind of presence on social media. But where do you start?

In this short video, you’ll be introduced to basic B2B social media strategies that you can start on today.

Background in B2B Social Media

I’m a digital media strategist and revenue growth consultant for small business CEOs. Since 2008, I've been building and optimizing social media campaigns for tech startups and scaleups.

And I am 31x certified by HubSpot Academy, including in Social Media Marketing, Inbound Marketing, Content Marketing, Digital Advertising, Email Marketing, and Sales Enablement.

I’m a former Microsoft Corporation content provider for and an advisor to the Small Business Server (SBS) product teams and small business channel partner teams in Redmond, Washington. I’ve led marketing for a venture-based B2B SaaS company that’s applying AI in the accounting and enterprise finance space.

Keeping Up with Increasing Costs of Social Media for B2B Companies

A little while back, a reporter asked me to share my advice on what to do about the ever-escalating costs of keeping up with social media for your business. Here’s my take:

Create and maintain detailed buyer personas for the most important stakeholders your company needs to attract and engage with. (A buyer persona is a semi-fictional representation of an ideal client based on actual research and educated speculation.) 

Your buyer persona research will help you prioritize just about everything with your social media investments:

  • Which channels
  • Which groups and hashtags
  • Which geographic locations, company sizes, and job functions
  • Which topics to cover in your content and preferred formats


Paid B2B Social Media May Be Less Expensive Than Organic Social Media Investments

And here's a real contrarian tip about your B2B social media strategy and related investments:

Paid social media may actually be a much better investment for your company than organic social media. How could that possibly be?

Let's say you're the CEO of a B2B SaaS company that sells to hospitals in the U.S. Your most important stakeholders tend to be on finance and IT teams.

If you depend 100% on your organic social posts reaching the right audience, it could take years to get there. 

Meanwhile, you're creating hundreds if not thousands of unique creative assets (Videos, Images, and Text) for an audience where 90%+ could never, ever monetize into paying customers.

You'll end up with a ton of unqualified visitors and leads from the wrong geographic locations, from people at the wrong companies, and likely even quite a bit of wasted budget reaching your competitors.

Instead, with LinkedIn Ads, you have virtually no waste. And a very high level of targeting efficiency. And your text ads and sponsored posts get directly in front of finance and IT professionals at U.S.-based hospitals. (And you can even exclude competitors from named companies.)

What’s the biggest challenge you’re facing with your B2B social media strategy? Let me know in the comments.

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