Buyer preferences have changed quite dramatically in recent years. Most B2B SaaS purchasers and other stakeholders now would much rather do their own research during the early and middle stages of their buyer’s journey. And only tend to engage with a sales rep when truly stumped or, more likely, nearing the end of their decision-making process.

To intercept into the conversation going on in prospects’ minds, sales professionals frequently use cold emails. If that’s you, consider these cold emailing tips that are especially relevant for B2B sales teams:

  • Every cold email campaign should start with strategy:
  • Buyer personas and ideal client profile (ICP) identification make all the difference in the world to nailing relevancy and empathy. 
  • Also, be hyperaware of where this prospect is in their buyer's journey: Way too many salespeople repulse prospects by essentially begging for 15-minute meetings. 
  • Instead, position you and the cold email content around sharing expert insight from which the reader's competitors already benefit. 
  • Ask a question specifically tied to that fear of missing out (FOMO). 
  • And be sure you have a conversion goal/call to action in mind, so you can measure success, iterate, and improve over time.


What’s your favorite cold emailing tip? Let me know in the comments.

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