What should you look for when hiring a freelance content writer?

I'm looking for someone with experience writing for the intersection of my business model and target buyer persona.

For example, suppose I'm hiring a freelance writer for either long-form content (eBook, white paper, or a special report, for example) or shorter-form content (blog post, social post, or email, for example).

In that case, I want a writer that understands business consulting / professional services (business model) and the specific buyer persona this content is for -- perhaps, the COO of a mid-market manufacturing company in the U.S.


When a freelance writer has a good grasp on the basics of inbound marketing, for example, on-page SEO, calls to action (CTAs), and internal/external anchor text, that saves me time.

If a writer has strong social proof/reviews, that lowers my risk. A lot of freelance writers used to include Copyscape-checked in their freelancer writing proposals.

Today, Grammarly-checked is just as important (which can also check for originality of content). These factors all increase what I'm willing to pay.


What goes into hiring the best content writer to support your content marketing and sales enablement needs? Let me know in the comments below.

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