Attracting new clients comes down to understanding their needs, wants, and values. 

To attract prospects, data center infrastructure builders need to create sharp, engaging content that conveys they understand data center needs better than any other contractors.

Educational content will help builders attract prospects and develop full-funnel content and should circle back to fill their SMART goals.


Attracting Data Center Prospects

One of the most important aspects of attracting prospects is being found early.

The average consumer is 80%+ into their buyer’s journey before corresponding with a business.

At this point of their journey, they are not pursuing solutions or researching their symptoms; prospects near the end of their journey are intent on their chosen product/service and are aggressively comparing vendors, ready to settle with whoever makes the best proposal.

The problem with approaching prospects at this stage is there’s little wiggle room for influence or education. Prospects are likely set in their decision and are not keen on listening to an alternative sales pitch.

Attracting prospects early in their buyer’s journey allows businesses time to educate their clients, build influence, and prove their value—making it possible to compete on factors other than price.

To attract prospects, focus on creating content addressing your buyer persona's interests, challenges, and needs and content relevant to the corresponding stage of their buyer’s journey.

Developing Full-Funnel Content

The marketing and sales funnel goes through stages such as awareness (the widest part of the funnel) and works its way down, getting narrower at stages like consideration and decision.

When using content to attract prospects, develop world-class content that addresses each stage of your funnel

“If you have world-class content, you are going to attract people from many different areas,” says Joshua Feinberg, Co-Founder of SP Home Run, “When you are looking to attract, you’re going to attract a much larger percentage of people. As the funnel narrows, you’ll start seeing those who love your content and are a good fit for your products and services.”

The better your content, the larger your scope of prospects will be, awarding builders the opportunity to be more selective with their clients and leading to future opportunities.

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SMART goals—goals that are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound—are invaluable to businesses because they help organizations stay on track, hold appropriate personnel accountable to their responsibilities, and help businesses measure the success of their campaigns/strategies.

SMART goals allow businesses to analyze factors such as their productivity, performance rate, and where their goal faltered.

“Every new piece of content needs to be focused around your SMART goals,” says Feinberg. This will ensure your business stays on track to reach its monthly, quarterly, and yearly goals.”

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How does your business use educational content, full-funnel material, and SMART goals to attract new data center clients? Let us know in the comments below.

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